sbrgThe Challenge: Find a way to roll out customer service, do-it-yourself technology that actually works. Usually the systems are so touchy, users are put off. Some are actually scared away.

The Remedies: Make sure you’re solving a real business problem. Talk to customers, not just your corporate users, who are much more technically savvy. Partner closely with the business units involved. And remember, there is no help desk in this world.

The Payoff: If it works, do-it-yourself technology can save millions on labor costs, speed sales and delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction.

They don’t bite. They don’t snarl. And they don’t even frighten small children. Still, they can be … Read more

gpckcEIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, Michael Morris finally got the job offer he’d been dreaming of: a shot at the top IS executive position at Leslie Fay Companies Inc., a $650 million New York apparel manufacturer that was poised to invest in a major systems renovation. There was just one problem: Leslie Fay was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Morris took the job, but with one condition–a three-year contract that guaranteed his salary even if he were fired or Leslie Fay folded.

Not so long ago, such golden parachutes were usually offered only to the CEO and one or two other top officers of a company. A few CIO elites, such as former … Read more

mfcgnDavid Walters had fire breathing down his neck. Literally. In 1988, as a summer recruit for the U.S. Forestry Service, he helped conquer a conflagration in Yellowstone National Park. Today, Walters is preparing to take the heat once again. Only this time he’s a tech-support manager at Microsoft, and he’s facing what could be the biggest potential blaze in the industry’s history–the launch of Windows 95. Says Walters: “We’re prepared for the driest season we’ve ever had.”

Walters isn’t the only one who stands to get singed. Battalions of tech-support staffers throughout the industry are coming up against an incendiary mixture–more novice users, increasingly complex software, and a growing … Read more

mdcpnATDT (Attention modem, dial tone). On Sept. 21, the man who pioneered the modem business–then drove one of the most successful technology brands straight into Chapter 11–gets a chance to ring up redemption. That’s when Dennis Hayes could see his Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. emerge from the shadow of bankruptcy and into a powerful merger with Boca Research Inc. So far, the applause has been loud and long. “This is going to be an excellent merger,” predicts analyst Hank Powell, of Southeast Research P artners Inc.

But then again, several things could disconnect this modem marriage. It must find approval in the bankruptcy court. After that, the task of combining … Read more

spss1A psychologist once challenged children to cross a room without directly touching the floor, using only a pair of boards and a piece of rope. Most of the kids cut the rope in half, tied a board to each foot, and walked across.

When he gave them only one board, many of them figured out how to tie the rope to one end and slide across the room in a gallop. These kids would cross the room faster, on average, than they did when they were given two boards and used them in a more obvious but less efficient manner.

As developers build next-generation applications using … Read more

hddrThere are discounts that come with various companies that offer emergency data recovery. Most of the discounts are directed towards select groups in the market. There are some of the companies that offer discounts for emergency data recovery to students. Others offer the discounts to teachers whereas others to military personnel. Mostly they direct their discounts on emergency recovery to a certain group of people who are many within that place. It works magic and very many people seek their services so as to benefit from the discounts when need be.

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Hard drive clicking is a possible complication which may be encountered by any computer user. In simple terms, Hard drive clicking is the hard drive making unusual noises which it ought not to make, in a condition of normal functioning. This situation would arise due to software or hardware related malfunctions. Sometimes, the errors or failures of hard drive itself can cause hard drive clicking. It is worth making ourselves aware of certain causes which may lead to hard drive clicking. When hard drive head is hitting the internal head stop, it may generate a clicking noise. This is often called as the click of death. This is an … Read more